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I provide home birth and waterbirth services, including vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), in northeast Kansas, northwest Missouri, and Kansas City. Full homebirth care involves all prenatal visits, labor, birth, the newborn exam, and all postpartum visits. Prenatal visits are in my home office on a flexible schedule and are typically monthly through the second trimester, bi-weekly from 26-36 weeks, then weekly until birth, including one visit at your home in the last trimester. Prenatal visits typically last 45-60 minutes, and are more than clinical; it is a time to get to know you and develop a relationship with understanding of your needs, and a time for  you to learn more about your choices in prenatal care, testing, and other procedures, so that you may make informed decisions about your pregnancy & birth.  There is no required testing, no forced exams, and no time limits for healthy pregnancy and birth. I will come to your home whenever you need me during your labor and provide care in your home throughout the birth experience. A thorough newborn exam is performed postpartum, a 36-hour home postpartum visit, with another postpartum check at 7 days if necessary.  A 14-day visit is available in my office.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

I am a VBAC mom myself, I have had two VBACs, one of them a homebirth (HBAC). Research indicates one of the strongest predictors of VBAC success is having a provider who is truly supportive throughout the pregnancy and labor process. As a VBAC mom myself, I am highly motivated to help you achieve the safe and non-interventive birth you desire.


I have had a waterbirth myself, so I love it and highly recommend it. Waterbirth, daddy-catch, birthing in whatever position you desire are all supported.

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